How To Differentiate Between Fleas And Bed Bugs? Find Out

How To Differentiate Between Fleas And Bed Bugs? Find Out

Bed bugs and fleas are difficult to control at home. Once bed bugs and fleas enter inside, they start reproducing and feed on animal or human blood. These infectious pests are difficult to differentiate. Additionally, they have the ability to enter homes without even coming to your notice. Bed bugs and fleas ride on your clothing, mattress, luggage and pets. In this article, you will learn about how to differentiate between the two.

Difference Between Fleas And Bed Bugs Appearance

Both fleas and bed bugs are reddish-brown in colour. One can easily see them with a naked eye. However, fleas are long and have narrow bodies. Whereas bed bugs are oval-shaped and flat. Also, fleas mostly sit on dogs and cats and may rest on human skin for feedings.

Difference On What Bed Bug and Fleas Eat

Both bed bugs and fleas suck the blood of mammals. However, bed bugs prefer human blood and rarely bite animals. Whereas, fleas are attracted to animal blood and mostly feed on cats and dogs. Always keep in mind that simply seeing bite marks on people is not enough to differentiate. As every pest bite reacts differently, not all flea and bed bug bites look the same. 


The direction of travel is another identifiable difference between fleas and bed bugs. Bed bugs do not jump or fly, rather they crawl slowly on people. In contrast, fleas have powerful legs and move by jumping through long distances.

Symptoms Of Bed Bugs And Fleas

Bed Bugs: One irritating bump on the skin seems the same as another, but bed bug bitings look a little different. Have a look at these symptoms to identify if it is a bed bug:

  • Bites on the upper body, usually areas exposed to skin. Example- arms, shoulders and neck, etc.
  • Itching red spots form after 24-48 hours of biting.
  • It’s surely a bed bug if the prone area starts to swell and is turning into inflammation. 
  • Bed bugs usually bite in groups and lines.

Fleas: Like bed bugs, most fleas are not dangerous to health. Fleas transmit germs from one place to another. Professional Pest Control Organization recommend people not to scratch flea bites. Some risk associated are:

  • Raised bumps
  • Breathing problems
  • Warm feeling in the bite-affected area
  • Coloured discharge

Difference In Their Living Areas In Your Property

Bed bugs mostly reside in creases and folds of carpets, furniture and other small places. On the other hand, most fleas live increases in your bags, wood furniture and under loosened wallpapers. In case, you are many of them, do hire Pest Control Mooloolaba for flea control and bug bug removal services.

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