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Welcome to Pest Control Mooloolaba. We offer excellent ant control services all across Mooloolaba. Ours is the no.1 ant control service providing agency. We have been working in this industry for many years. In fact, we are the best ant control Mooloolaba service provider. There is no such service that we cannot provide. Right from ant inspection to extermination, we do it all. Our professionals are capable of providing excellent services. They are well trained and qualified. Hence, they can provide amazing pest control services. You can call us whenever you need our services. Contact us on 07 2000 4292 for services. 

Importance of Ant Control

Ant control services are very important. No matter where you live there will always be a problem at your place. For instance, there are different types of ants for indoor and outdoor. These ants can create a lot of problems. Ant bites are very painful. They cause immense pain, inflammation, and swelling. Not only that but ants can cause damage to your food. Anyways, it is necessary to get an ant treatment service. Especially to prevent these problems caused by ants. 

Services That We Provide

We at Pest control Mooloolaba offer a wide variety of services. We offer home ant control as well as commercial ant control services. Apart from that, we cater to all parts of Mooloolaba to provide the services. Our ant exterminators are familiar with all kinds of ants. 

  • Ant inspection and removal- We provide amazing services for ant inspection and removal. Our professionals are very well-trained to provide the services. They start by inspecting your place thoroughly. Then, they create the analysis of their inspection and provide the right solutions for ant removal. 
  • Domestic ant control- Our agency also provides ant control services in domestic areas. We offer all kinds of ant control Mooloolaba services. We are the best for providing home ant control services. Our professional exterminators cater to each and every area for ant control. Hence, we provide the services for domestic ant control too.
  • Restaurant ant control- There is no place where you cannot find ants. Ant infestations are seen everywhere. They are even found in restaurants, for instance. That is why we provide ant control services for restaurants. This is because we know that ants are likely to destroy food. And a restaurant is the best place for them to do so. 
  • Pre-purchase ant inspection- You must always make sure that you get ant inspection before shifting. Moving into a new house can be quite a risky job. You would not want to face troubles as soon as you enter the house. Hence, we offer pre-purchase ant inspection services. This will help to keep your house safe from ants. Because we inspect the house before you move into it; and also get rid of the ants if any. 
  • Emergency ant control services- We all know that ants are very troublesome. They not only bite but also destroy your food, especially sweets and other food items. In such cases, you might require emergency ant control services. Hire our professionals for the same. We provide excellent services in emergency cases. We also show a quick response. 
  • Same day ant control- If you are looking for ant control near me, hire us. We are the best ant control service providers in Mooloolaba. Our agency offers same-day ant control services. That is why our local ant exterminators cater to all parts of Mooloolaba. For the same day ant control, we reach your place as soon as possible. 

Hire us for amazing ant control Mooloolaba services 

We are one of the leading ant control agencies. Our agency is trusted for its amazing services. With years of experience in this industry, we have a great reputation. We can provide all kinds of ant control services. Our services are very famous in Mooloolaba and the nearby suburbs. Being a local agency, our local ant controllers reach your place quickly. Thus, we provide quick services at affordable rates. 

Not only that but we offer the services on time. We are committed to delivering the best ant control service to our clients. Our 24/7 customer support team is always there to help you out. They solve your problems at any time of the day. You can come up to us with any kind of ant problem. We are always there to help you with your ant problems. So, hire us for amazing ant control Mooloolaba services. 


Do you provide ant control on the Sunshine Coast?

The distance between Mooloolaba and Sunshine Coast is 9 km. It would roughly take 8-10 minutes to travel from Sunshine Coast to Mooloolaba. So, yes, we do provide the services on Sunshine Coast. As we provide our ant control services in Mooloolaba and the nearby suburbs.

How to get rid of ants from the house?

You can get rid of ants using white vinegar. You can either use it directly or with water in a 50:50 proportion. White vinegar is very helpful in repelling ants. It is also said to kill them effectively. So, you can easily get rid of ants from your house using vinegar.

What is the best way to kill ants?

Dish soap is a sure method to kill ants. If you are tired of ant problems and want a permanent solution, this is the best. Mix dish soap with water and spray it on ants. This way the solution sticks to the ants. And the dish soap helps to kill the ants by suffocating them.  

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